Thursday, February 26, 2009

A list of thoughts

1. My newest niece is being born soon . . . maybe today? I can't wait to hear the news.

2. I went to Tyce's band concert last night at the high school. They were much better than I thought they'd be! I could hear the French horns in certain parts and thought they sounded really good.

3. We got to spend some time with Betsie, Andy, Kess and Kira this weekend as they stopped through on their way to Disneyland. We hope to spend more time with them on the way back.

Every time Kira (age 2 1/2) saw my camera she closed her eyes and said, "Cheese!"

Andy and Tyce had some male bonding time.

Mary and Kess (age 6) had fun together.

4. I'm watching kids today nearly all day. Wish me luck.

5. We have New Beginnings next week. Earlier attempts at planning fell through so the program is kind of thrown together. Cue the hand-wringing!

6. There's a youth fireside coming up featuring Alex Boye. Recognize him from the Mo Tab? I am so totally excited about taking Tyce.

7. I am the only one in the family who's not been sick yet. Knock on wood.

8. Weather has been perfect lately. We enjoyed our walk to the park yesterday. Want to come visit?

That's about all for today.