Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This is a busy week.

Even though the twins are in preschool in the afternoons, I only have 1 1/2 hours before Tyce comes home. I'm not complaining. But I've been picking him up, and his duet partner, so they can practice with me before their solo and ensemble festival this Saturday. I'm more nervous about this competition than they are.

Tonight we have an ice cream social fundraiser for the band. Then an hour later I have a mother-daughter activity with Mary at church for her Activity Days. Thursday the youth go to the temple. And Friday is our Girls Camp fundraiser (dinner and auction). Saturday is Tyce's duet performance and the festival AND it's Valentines' Day.

Like I said, a busy week.

But good.

I've had two lunch dates in the last week with friends. So I'm not too busy to have fun!

This weekend it was cold and rainy.

Bryce and I had planned to ride the train in Boulder City for our family activity, but the weather canceled that plan. So we went bowling. The scoring leader was Tyce, followed closely by Mary and Harrison. The rest of us fell somewhere . . . ahem, lower on the scoreboard.

Then we went to Pei Wei, where I used my gift card and got my favorite salad in the world.

The kids swiped extra fortune cookies and chopsticks for later use.

And then we piled into the car.
But not before Bryce discovered he was still holding his drink! Busted.
So that was our little outing.

In other news, someone in our household is reading the Twilight series. That someone is not me.

Well, I've got to get ready to pick kids up from middle school.

One more thing: I went on this guy's website and played around for a minute. You can make your own by clicking "spell" at the bottom on the post.


Rebecca and Co. said...

I'm not reading it, either!


Natalie said...

I knew it would be a matter of time before you caught the Twilight bug. My mom is hooked right now. Crazy!

Rebecca and Co. said...

It's not me, and it's not Bryce . . .