Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The perils of taking a closer look

Come with me. I have to show you something.

Imagine you're walking down the hall, when something catches your eye. A spot of some sort. You wonder if it's a smudge or . . . well, you need a closer look.

You still can't quite figure it out, but it looks like it might be . . .

OH, FOR THE LOVE OF INSECTICIDES! Seriously? Someone stapled an earwig to the wall!

You reel in shock, cover your eyes, and shout commands to your brain: Rewind! Reverse! Erase from memory!

Then you think, if only it were that easy you'd live in a state of constant bliss.

Instead you cry, "NO STAPLING BUGS TO THE WALL!"

Which, of course, doesn't really need to be said.

You think about asking why. You really do. But then you realize it would be an exercise in futility. There is no real answer. You know this.

If there's anything you know in this world, you know this.


Emmy said...

Wow! Someone had too much time on their hands or was just really trying to scare you :)

Kelinn Beardall said...

That's hilarious. I can't wait to see what else Tyce comes up with.

Tracey said...

LOL! You guys need a reality show.

Rachel McEwen said...

i laughed for like 10 mins and then had to show justin! oh if only i could be a fly on your wall...well then again maybe not cuz i have the chance of being stapled to it:)

The Hardy's said...

I guess it's better than having it in your EAR!

Mopsie said...

Only in *your* household would I think this is normal.(I don't think Tyce did this, do you?)
You know, I think your fam would make a GREAT reality show. Much better than Jon & Eight etc. Very entertaining! Love it, and love you.

Rebecca and Co. said...

Mom, I know it's hard to believe, but it was Tyce. I took the identifying part off b/c some of his peers read this. Let's just hope they don't read the comments! j/k I guess I just re-implicated him.

brooklyn said...

oh my. i wouldn't be able to resist the why. seriously. totally cracks me up!