Thursday, July 29, 2010

This month is such a special one, it's birthday time for Tyce

Those even-numbered birthdays are pretty great. Now that he's 14 Tyce can go to youth conference, stake dances, and EFY. And believe me, he's been chomping at the bit to do all three. He wanted an Oreo ice cream cake, so I made one. Ask and ye shall receive, my child.

We had a family party on his birthday, July 3rd. He got several great presents but the last gift was the best of all--his own cell phone. It came with 1000 parental rules and restrictions but he was still ecstatic.

Oh boy  . . . what could it be?

You know this is a staged picture because no teenager actually *talks* on their cell phones anymore--they just text.

Later we had the cake and Tyce went to the movies with his friend Gonzalo.

After his trip to Texas and before we left for Utah Tyce had his "friend" party. Here are the neighborhood boys: Steven, Davian, Elijah, and Konner. They had pizza and (another) ice cream cake before going to the movies to see "A-Team." After that they went to the park to play cops and robbers in the dark.

The boys all pitched in to get Tyce this hat and these very cool sunglasses.

So now I have a 14-year-old; no longer a child but becoming quite a fine young man.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Blogging Vacation...apparently

Oh my. Where have I been? Where have YOU been? Are we all still here, having a good summer?

And if so . . . will you bring me ice cream?

(Actually I've been making these fruit slushes--holy moly, so good. Our kids and the neighbor boys flip for them. I'll post the recipe on my cooking blog soon.)

You will be happy to know that the pigeons are gone. We hired an exterminator. We paid an outrageous amount of money for the privilege of living Poncho-free but oh boy, it is so nice to have a clean, quiet driveway again.

This month . . . oh what a month. Some happenings included Tyce's birthday; Independence Day; a trip to Utah for Kess's baptism, baby Natasha's blessing, and Tyce's ordination; Bryce's birthday; attending the much-anticipated sealing of the Urbancic's baby;  Tyce's trip to Texas; taking and picking up Tyce from daily football practice; entertaining (and being entertained by) cousin Ben (age 14) for a week; another trip to Utah to drop Tyce off at EFY; and various running around to swimming pools and free movies and making slushes for all to enjoy.

And Mary, Bryce, and I have been playing Settlers of Catan at night.
Oh, and I registered the boys for kindergarten.

So that's what we've been up to. And now my blogging vacation is over.

 The kids torturing their dad on Father's Day.