Wednesday, July 30, 2008

If Jack Kerouac were a Cougar fan

I found this poem in a notebook of Miss Mary's (spelling corrected, LOL. Though cute, it's pretty hard to decipher otherwise). As you can see, the brainwashing is working. You can also see that she and I share a fondness for the phrase "woo hoo."


Look out for the Utes
they toot
But look for BYU
they're true
It's not the Utes' playing
it's their attitude.

When they lose they go
boo hoo
But when BYU wins they go
good game
and when BYU wins they go
good try
high five

I love BYU
Woo hoo

BYU players
Fui Vakapuna
Curtis Brown
My favorite players
Woo hoo


Monday, July 28, 2008


Last week we took Heather to the Cirque du Soliel show "O" at the Bellagio. It was to thank her for taking such good care of the kids . . . even though one night out can't possibly be enough to thank her for enabling us to go on vacation (!). "O" was spectacular and crazy and impossible to wrap your head around. The flips! The costuming! The stage that disappears underwater! It was really, really cool. I am still partial to "Ka" but I can see why "O" is so popular. Besides, going to the Bellagio is always a treat. The people-watching alone is worth the trip.

Friday, July 25, 2008

In a VAN down by the RIVER!

Did you know that the Colorado River runs through the-middle-of-nowhere Nevada? I didn't. It's about 30 min. away and we went there for Family Home Evening with Heather. We had a picnic of BBQ pork sandwiches, Chinese cabbage salad, watermelon, and fortune cookies. It was too hot to eat.

Tyce had a great time trying to hit a beer bottle bobbing in the river. After lots of small hits, he shattered the bottle in one triumphant throw of a rock. He had no problem finding another one for his game.

Cameron "swam" in the river (basically on the shore) and got filthy!

Harrison divided his time between hanging with Tyce and running up the hill.

Mary decided to explore by herself and got in a lot of trouble. You can imagine that her attitude was sour from the reprimand for the rest of the night. She only pretended to be having a good time for the camera.

Heather and Bryce went exploring too (to find Mary) and said the view from the top of the hill was pretty cool.

Isn't Heather a cutie? It was awesome to have her here for the week we were on vacation and the week following.

It was wicked hot down by the river, even in the evening, and I was kinda glad to get back to the car.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's someone's birthday today ...

He's wonderful, funny, smart, loving, zany, wise, brave, and loyal. He's a great father and a great husband. He's my best friend and he sure deserves a special day.


I made lemon bars and a few cupcakes for the kids. It was a low-key affair but I think he had fun. The kids loved making cards for him!

I like this picture because Tyce can't help himself from puffing up his cheeks in anticipation.

Happy Birthday, Bryce!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

I took 2500 pictures

Exaggeration? Only slightly. I couldn't keep from snapping photos left and right. It was the BEST. VACATION. EVER. Woo hooooooo!!! In case I haven't mentioned it before, Bryce is an awesome vacation planner and I just had the BEST time with him.

Bryce and his co-workers finished their work on Tuesday, the day I flew out. I got to spend the afternoon with them. Here are Bryce and I, the Judge, Donna, and Betsy. Donna, you have arrived!

We stayed at Cavallo Point--the lodge at the Golden Gate, which is a renovated Fort Baker. Bryce and I did yoga in the mornings and I even had a massage at the spa. (My first. It was pretty good.) There were four rooms in this building.

The view from our living room window. See the bridge?

We had a convertible! Bryce always knew where we were going.

I knew I looked really cool.

I took a ton of pictures of the Bridge. I like this one.

A highlight of the trip was seeing the Chihuly exhibit at the de Young. It was breathtaking. How do you become interested in glass-blowing, I wonder? I'm so glad we got to see this awesome display. Here is just a sampling of his work.

After the Chihuly, we toured the permanent collection at the museum. This is how I look in the morning.

Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the goofiest couple of all?

The Japanese Tea Garden was very tranquil.

We found an Indian restaurant in Sausalito called Gaylord's that we enjoyed. We had dinner one night and liked it so much we ate lunch there the next day. The food was great, but the view from "our table" was even better.

On the same street as Gaylord's was this home. The green sign says: PRIVATE BEACH NO TRESPASSING. If you moved there, I'd totally visit you and your little private beach.

A lovely view of Sausalito. The "Private Beach" house and Gaylord's are both along the pier.

There were several military bases built to guard the "golden gate" from invasion. All are defunct as such; some of them, like the Presidio (shopping and museums) and Fort Baker (hotel and dining) are re-purposed, while others are windows into their former lives.

We attempted to hike to the Point Loma lighthouse. The trail was closed, but we sneaked in a fair way before chickening out. (Closed for what? Mountain lion attacks? Damaged trails that slip right down into the ocean?) We are very law-abiding citizens at heart. I had to be content with this shot from afar.

Bryce has picked out the boat he wants.

We pose by a fountain in the park.

As his early birthday present, Bryce wanted to go to a Giants game. As you can see, the stadium overlooks the water and, to date, there have been 47 balls hit into the bay. (None while we were there.) The game was fun, mostly because we got to sit by the grumpy super-fans who were not happy to be losing, and have a Brewers fan a few seats down.

The super-fans!

Bryce and I were super-fans by the end of the night.

David told us to get the garlic fries--trust him. Man, were they good.

I was going to include a picture of the anti-mascot, which provided a lot of cheer. I mean, booing. But that would just be picture overload, don't you think?

Anyway, another highlight of the trip was taking picture of women wearing scarves. I like to mock this trend, for the reasons that anyone ever mocks anything: I'm secretly jealous. I wish I lived in a climate where wearing a scarf wouldn't give you heat stroke, and where the prevailing fashion were less monster truck rally and a little more . . . uhh . . . anything else.

There's something thrilling about grabbing secret scarf-wearing footage of people on the street. Maybe I would make a good PI. Or a good stalker. At any rate, I found a few people here and there, until we went to the SF MOMA. Then I hit the mother lode. I couldn't possibly keep my camera pointing and shooting fast enough to catch them all. These pictures are but a few of my favorites.

The Euro.

The Golfer. (Or the Betsy?)

The Lanky Glam.

The Winter.

The Strangler.

The Happy Granny.

Finally we ended our trip by spending a day with the Cooks. We ate at my s-i-l Brooklyn's favorite restaurant in Chinatown, and then hit the SF MOMA. After that we went to the Yerba Buena gardens where my nieces Cambria and Maya ran around and were there little adorable selves. Seriously, they are two of the cutest kids around. I just love that whole family.

Brooklyn and Cambria.

David and Maya.

Then it was back to real life, where we discovered that Heather survived, the kids survived, and the house was still standing. Have I already mentioned that it was the best vacation ever? It was, but mostly because I got to spend it with my awesome, amazing, adorable husband Bryce. I love you!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm off!

I'm leaving for SF to join Bryce. We haven't been on vacation together for quite a while so I KNOW we're going to have a blast! Heather is watching the kids for 5 days by herself, so if you're looking to recommend anyone for sainthood, come to my house.

Also, if you feel so inclined, you might call over here and remind our kids to be very, very good. Otherwise, Mommy and Daddy might never get to go on vacation again except to visit Aunt Heather in the asylum.

You know that wouldn't be too much of a stretch for me.

Monday, July 14, 2008

One more

We played Apples to Apples Jr. with Heather tonight. The category was "courageous."

Mary: (giggle, giggle) I have the perfect card!

Mom: It's probaby something goofy, like "weasels."

Mary: It's really close.

Tyce: Let's see, we have A Sunken Ship, the Tooth Fairy, and Getting the Flu. Hmmmmm.

Mary: See Mom, I told you my card was just like you said. My card was Getting the Flu.

Mom: What? I said, "weasels." How is that like getting the flu?

Mary: You know, they're both diseases . . .

Mom: I think you're thinking of measles and the category "contagious".

Mary: (silence) Oh.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Heard around the house

After watching the movie Edward Scissorhands
Mary: Yes, but one question remains. How could anybody love a fweak?

After receiving copious amounts of praise from Bryce for helping with the laundry without being asked, Harrison swaggers into my room looking very pleased
Harrison: I was helping Dad. You helping yourself? Oh. I can help you after I'm done with Dad.

Reporting on his backpacking overnighter to Zions
Tyce: It was five miles uphill and my pack weighed the most--30 lbs! My legs hurt, my abs hurt, my feet hurt . . . do you think I'm really growing a moustache?

Calling Bryce on the phone with news
Mary: Guess what, Dad? I made it into GATE!

Upon Bryce finishing his morning shower, Cameron grandly swings the door open
Cam: You may enter!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Week's Worth of Stuff

I know, what is so important that I can't be bothered to write for a whole week? Sorry, just regular life.

So here's how Tyce's birthday went down.

Birthday breakfast was homemade cinnamon rolls. I stuck a candle in Tyce's and we sang Happy Birthday to start the day.

About noon I dropped him and Mary off at the movies to see Kung Fu Panda. I planned to go to the grocery store with the twins during that time, becuase there was no way I was going to spend $12 for the twins to see their first movie. Anyway, I gave the kids the money when I realized the concept of "you're not going to the theater with them" has not sunk in with the little boys. Holy cow, it was tantrum-throwing worthy of an award. Someone even chucked their shoes at me while I was driving.

So we didn't go to the store. I wasn't about to reward bad behavior like that, you know?

Unfortunately, that meant I didn't have everything I needed for dinner preparations later. I spent the hour decorating the house--balloons, streamers, and the like.

After the movie we picked up the big kids, who'd had a great time and told me the entire plot of the movie. From there we went to Chuck E. Cheese's, where Tyce was lucky enough to discover a friend there with his mom. The kids burned through their tokens at lightning speed. Cameron really liked the Bob the Builder ride and stayed there through his entire allotment. Of course they begged me for more, but to no avail. So they made their last ones last a long time, and then spent an inordinate amount of time picking out prizes at the counter.

They seemed to all have fun.

That night I made Tyce's favorite, King Ranch chicken, with a green salad. (I had to run to the store but it all worked out.) For dessert we had his "cake," which was a giant sugar cookie. We sang, had presents, and it was great to celebrate our 12-year-old!

The next day was the 4th of July, and Bryce's parents came to visit. Grandpa did the haka with the kids!

And the boys loved showing off their moves.

We had a fun time in the cul-de-sac doing legal fireworks with our neighbors, and hanging our mouths open at the awesome illegal ones that someone bought. Let me just say that some people are really, really patriotic. Or they like to light things on fire. There must have been hundreds and hundreds of dollars spent that night on pyrotechnics. Like the kids' Chuck E. Cheese coins, our fun was over way too fast.

While the grandparents were here, we saw the new Indiana Jones movie (twins had a babysitter). How long had it been since I'd seen a new release in a theater? I have no idea. The film was action-packed and enjoyable. Mary was so scared that she gave me a bruise from squeezing my arm!

Tyce was ordained to the office of a deacon on Sunday, which is really special for our family. I look forward to having him pass the sacrament this Sunday. And now he'll come with me to Youth activities since he's in Young Men!

Al and Judy left on Sunday afternoon but it sure was nice having them here.

On Tuesday the twins went to their first film at a movie theater for "free movie" morning. It was "Mr. Bean's Holiday," which I wouldn't really recommend for a child's first experience. The whole time Cameron asked, "Is he trying to be funny?" because it was pretty disturbing to see a grown man act goofy like that. Harrison did great, except that he kept fighting with his seat. I think he thought it was trying to boot him off because he yelled at it a few times.

When Bryce came home Harrison exclaimed, "Dad, we went to the movie fee-ater and the screen was bigger than our TV!" So I guess I know what impressed him the most!

So that's what's going on with us. Tyce has been going to the school 2 1/2 days a week, Mary has been my side-kick, and I have been doing okay with having the four kids around at once. Next week I get to go to San Francisco with my honey for a little vacation. Hooray!