Monday, February 13, 2012

Overheard at Seminary

Just today!

Me: Turn to 1 Kings, chapter 3 in your Bibles. David and Bathsheba had a son, Solomon. You remember from last week who Bathsheba was, right?

Class Member 1: Yes, David was immoral with her.

Class Member 2: He was a creeper who looked at her bathing.

Class Member 1: He wasn't a creeper, he was a peeper.

Class Member 3: Bathsheba . . . BATH-Sheba . . . do you think that's where we get the word "bath" from?

Me: Um, Doubtful.

Class Member 4: Doubtful? Sister Jones, why do you always use such big words?


Me: Class, if you could ask Heavenly Father for one thing, what would it be? Solomon asked for an "understanding heart".

Class Member 5: New Kobe VIIs!

Class Member 6: A million dollars. No! To win the Powerball! Do you know how much money was on that thing? Like $400 million dollars . . . after taxes it was still like $92 million.

Me: Hmmm. Shoes and money won't help you in the next life.

Class Member 6: Yeah, but if I had all that money . . . man, you'd never see me again.


Class Member 8: Have you ever given a pigeon Alka Seltzer? I want to see one blow up.

Me: Eww, no. But I have heard of that happening with rice. That's why you can't throw rice at weddings anymore.

Class Member 8: I already know that. You know what they throw at weddings now?

Me: Yes, they--

Class Member 8:  Cooked rice.

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SweetmamaK said...

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL I just taught this lesson this morning, with only three kids, the discussions rarly get so entertaining, but when they do I think, why didn't I cancel class this morning. My boys were more freaked out by what the one brother (the name escapes me, it's been over a weekend, I forget) did to his sister Tamer and that David was leaping and rejoicing without a robe than Bathsheba,I guess becuase they already new that story. At the end of that lesson, I was at a total loss of words as to how to tie it all together so I just went with my usual rant and that is that women are the devil and to stay away from them until they get married.