Thursday, February 2, 2012

Groundhog Day

Cameron and Harrison were anxious to find out whether Punxsautawney Phil had seen his shadow or not. They were quite disappointed to find that he did, meaning that we now had six more weeks of winter. Our weather has been absolutely gorgeous all month (sunny and mild) so I was confused by their unhappiness.

"Now it'll be even longer until our birthdays," they grumped.

Apparently the believed that the calendar would be turned back six weeks to accommodate a longer winter (and would have been sped up by the same amount if that ol' rodent had seen things differently).

When you think about it...that *is* what it sounds like.

Poor kids! I think I set the record straight.

Their birthdays are forever away no matter what. Ha.

"Seriously, put me down before I get all wolverine on you."

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