Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Love

I think I've said this before, but I celebrate Valentine's Day as a family-and-friends affair. I love everything about the decorations, colors, and food! I think it's a nice time to reflect on the people who make your life complete. I enjoy making special foods and giving little presents to my kids. I love to see what they bring home from their school parties. But as for romance--well, I'd rather save it for another time. It's too much pressure and expense. (Although I did consider it supremely romantic when my husband wrote on my facebook wall AND posted a picture of us together. That's pretty great to me!)

So I am in mommy-mode on Valentine's Day, but it is quite annoying to realize that my 15-year-old is not on board with my awesomeness. He's definitely moved into the "must-get-flowers-for-a-girl" stage of celebration. He certainly went all out for his Valentine, whom he assures me is "just a friend" from school. He even sang to her at lunch which made her cry. One would assume they were tears of joy, hm?


The Valentine's season kicked off with our girls camp sweetheart dinner and dessert auction last week.

This giant menu was made by Stephanie, our super-talented camp director.

The girls were the best decorations. Here are Savannah, Sara, and Mary.

They worked the bake sale table. In a quiet moment Mary played a game on my phone.

The tables were gorgeous.

I won that red velvet cake on the yellow stand. And some cinnamon rolls.

Moving right along: the night before Valentine's Day the twins addressed their cards.

They did a great job!

Love is delicious.

The morning started off "lovely" and ended "sweet."

Homemade egg McMuffin with a heart-shaped cheese on top for breakfast. I wasted a lot of cheese trying to make those dang (still-lopsided) hearts.

My present to the kids: a ring pop, little chocolates, special pens, and cute socks.

Harrison's socks: "Owl always love you"

Cam's socks: "Bee mine". Tyce's had a skunk and said "Love Stinks" and I kind of wish he still felt that way.

After lasagna for dinner we had ice cream balls--these were so easy to make and absolutely delicious.

Bryce got a rose for me--and also one for Mary, which I thought was super awesome. He said, "I don't want the first flowers she gets to be from a reprobate boy." Aww, what a sweet thing to say. Ha. Mary loved it!

Cameron was in the middle of a ninja move or a smile, I can't tell.

I am grateful for the loves of my life! Not to make you think I don't appreciate romance, Bryce and I want to do something together this weekend. Cross your fingers that we can make that happen.

I shared this clever visual on the chalkboard in seminary (but oh my gravy, this pillow version is adorable):

So true. We're never alone. I hope that you feel loved, on Valentine's Day and every day!

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RoguePancake said...

man those ice cream balls look good! i wish i was in your family just so i could be one of your valentines <3