Monday, July 13, 2009

Time is getting away from me

Sorry for another short post, basically apologizing for not posting.

Heather left, the Prices came to visit, the Prices left, and now cousin Ben is visiting.

Oh, and I'm going to girls camp tomorrow.

I will leave you with something funny.

Bryce put the twins to bed a few nights ago. Harrison was interested in me going to girls camp. He asked, "Who will be her master? You know, the master? At camp? You need a master?"

And finally he realized Harrison was asking who was in charge, since he knows that Tyce's camps are always headed up by Brother Stembridge, the Scout master.

It all makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

Oh, we sure do have cute kids.


Emmy said...

Have fun at camp!

Kristina Ervin Jameson said...

Rebecca and Bryce- I just found your blog...and i am in tears...Tyce looks so beautiful (as does the rest of your kids)- he has grown up into a handsome young man. He will always have a special place in my heart...i sent an email through to you rebecca...i worked at casa '97'98 at 1801...seemed like yesterday...i am enjoying "keeping up with the joneses"...take care!

Kristina Ervin Jameson

Rebecca and Co. said...


Of course we remember those days. They seem like yesterday to us, too. Sometimes we remember those things better than we do things that happened last week. We still can't believe Tyce is a teenager--it must be quite strange for you! All the love he had at Casa has helped him become the FYM he is. We are still grateful for that awesome start he had. We'll connect on facebook too. Rebecca is out of town and won't be back 'til Saturday. I didn't want to leave you hanging until then.


Anonymous said...
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Mopsie said...

Oh, you do indeed have cute kids! I love how Harrison is so interested in the details of daily life. Adorable.