Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Never Whisperer Goes to the Movies

Last week we took the kids to see the movie theater to see Coraline.

Mom mini-review: For kids 8+. Too scary and just plain weird for the younger set. Some language (Lord's name in vain--so disappointing), some elderly almost-nudity (so disturbing).

One of the opening scenes:

Coraline gets a creepy doll made in her exact likeness. After discovering an alternate reality and the trying to escape its evil lure she finds another doll, modeled after her mother and father. Horrified and angered to discover that her "real" parents have been affected by this other world too, Coraline throws the doll into the fire.

As the doll burned quietly in the fire, Cameron shouted, "WHY IS SHE COOKING HER FATHER FOR DINNER?"

Everyone within earshot erupted in muffled giggles.

Cameron looked around and said, "HEY, STOP LAUGHING AT ME."

Which, of course, made it worse--and people laughed out loud.

Cameron screwed up his face and looked like he wanted to shout the audience down. Quickly I insisted, "Here, Cam, have a Tootsie Roll" while I shoved the bag in his face.

He happily accepted my offer.

But I laughed for about an hour after that.


Betsy Fowler said...

hahahhaah! He is quite possibly the cutest boy ever. Love it! (and good job w/ the tootsie roll)

Mopsie said...

Hmm, "never whisperers" must be quite a challenge. Good thing he's so cute!

The Hardy's said...

So funny. I'm always glad to hear yays or nays about movies. Thanks