Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We spent Valentine's Day in India

ImageChef.com - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more We sailed away for adventure and romance. Bryce made us dinner reservations at an Indian restaurant in Las Vegas. It was a huge surprise to me, and I was really excited to go. For the evening we changed our names to Punjab and Kelly Kapoor.

He made me a mix CD to listen to on the way up. The first song was from our wedding video, "The Wedding Song" (There is Love) by Paul Stookey. I thought I was going to end up a cry baby before we even started the date. I just love that song and remembering our wedding. I have the best husband ever--one who still makes me mix CDs.

We made it to the restaurant. I'd pulled myself together by then.

It was a prix fixe menu of four courses; we chose what we wanted in the second and third dishes.
First course: cauliflower panna cotta with spiced caviar.

Verdict: not our favorite. Smelled like stinky cauliflower. Bryce's justification for eating the whole thing: "I paid for it."

Second course: Bryce--salmon. Rebecca--pheasant.

Verdit: Salmon was pretty good. Pheasant was absolutely amazingly delicious. What I didn't eat Bryce gladly did. This dish was the winner of the night. I'd go back again to get this.

Third course (main dish): Bryce--lamb Tikka. Rebecca--chicken korma. Sorry this is an "after" picture!

Verdict: Bryce said his lamb had a sort of vindaloo base and he liked it. My chicken korma was very mild and pleasant.

Fourth course (dessert): champagne jello shots with a much fancier name. I asked our waiter if we could have a substitution, because we didn't drink alcohol. When he looked at me blankly I elaborated, "And we don't eat alcohol, as the case may be." He backed slowly away as he said, "Ah. Yes. Well, we'll see what Chef is willing to do for you tonight."

Chef agreed to serve us a different panna cotta, kind of like a flan with sweet whipped cream. It was quite good.

And then we were done. What came next? Well ROMANCE of course!

I love my wonderful, amazing, handsome Valentine!


d/b/c/m said...

wow bryce! impressive!

glad you guys are in love...awesome.

The Hardy's said...

I'm sure you had a great time. I'm curious though, did you have someone take that last picture of
K-I-S-S-I-N-G or did you happen to snap it and got it right on? Good job.

The Hardy's said...

We have a wedding video too. We should get together for a date night and watch them!

Rebecca and Co. said...

I took it myself. LOL I guess I have pretty good aim.