Wednesday, February 11, 2009


You know I am pretty even tempered. I didn't get worked up over Prop 8, even though I am passionate about my position. I think I have a better idea for the stimulus package than Congress does, but they have yet to ask my opinion.

But this.

This bothers me, incenses me, offends me down to my very core.

And she's soliciting donations. You know, just in case you want to subsidize her lifestyle more than you already do--via tax dollars.

These are comments I found that express my sentiment exactly.

Why is it that someone needs to go through major, intensive screening to adopt a child but any welfare mom can just walk into a place, get knocked up artificially and have 8 kids to the detriment of all of them? Their grandmother even says she's crazy and irresponsible and is the one raising them. How did she even pay for the treatment? What doctor in his right mind would do this? She says that she believed all of those embryos were God's gift and she doesn't believe in abortion. CREATING A LIFE THROUGH A LAB AND IN VITRO IS NOT GOD'S GIFT IT'S SCIENCE'S GIFT!!! Those babies were not created by God but by a lab technician.


And she has a publicist. If she gets her own reality show on TLC I'm going to have IVF, implant *10* babies, and kick her butt.


Rebecca and Co. said...


At least not with me around

:) Bryce

Rebecca and Co. said...

Don't worry, honey, this won't involve you. j/k

I like the use of the smily face, btw. Very . . . macho.


Rachel McEwen said...

and to top the cake she had a major face lift before she had the babies. i saw the before and after pics!!! i was sooo mad!! who is paying for this???????

Rebecca and Co. said...

As far as the IVF goes, she saved up hers and her kids disability checks. But cosmetic surgery is another nice chunk of change . . . sheesh, I wish *I* could save up that much of the government's money.

Laura H said...