Sunday, February 15, 2009

For the love of food

The Girls Camp fundraiser was on Friday night (dinner and dessert auction). The camp directors, Aranne and Kara, did an AWESOME job planning and running it. It turned out to be a million times easier than our two fundraisers last year, because the girls themselves were more involved this time AND we netted more money (over $1300) in just one night. Woo hoo!!!! I can' t say enough about how well it went and how pleased I am with the outcome. We have awesome ward members who really came to support our Young Women, and our camp directors--well Aranne and Kara are wonderful. They did a fabulous job.

I made several treats for the dessert auction. I thought they were just so pretty I had to take a picture.

Giganto sugar cookies with pink icing--I was hoping this would appeal to a little girl and I was right!

Two sets of white-chocolate dipped strawberries--Bryce ended up buying one of these for $19 because he didn't know I made them. (I could have made some at home for free.)

Cinnamon rolls--I hated to give these away.

Fruit pizza--I think this is the most beautiful dessert ever--not because I made it but I think the shapes and colors of the fruit are just so gorgeous.

We bought some caramel apples, brownies, and . . . oh yeah, the strawberries. Everyone was all sugared up by bed time so, not only did the girls make a lot of money, we all had a good time.


The Covie said...

Ok they all look so yummy! You are such a good baker and very creative with the decorating! I would have bought them all and then Andrew would have had to roll me on home!

jessenpetty said...

What in the world girl? I wish I had a 1/4 of your talent. I don't!! I need lessons! Come over and teach me!