Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day

I just love Valentine's Day. Don't you? I enjoy celebrating all types of love: friendship, parent-child, and of course, romance. I like heart-shaped gifts and heart-shaped food! I like making cards for my family. I like red and pink and white together. I like going to my kids' Valentine's Day parties at school because it's just a fun place to be.

But Valentine's Day was on Saturday this year; Tyce had a merit badge midway for Scouts and Bryce went to help with an Eagle Scout project. Then Tyce had his solo and ensemble competition scheduled for the afternoon.

It all made my heart-shaped preparations a little more . . . difficult.

Tyce's duet partner forgot his instrument. So they couldn't perform, sadly. Ugh. I was really disappointed because they had practiced quite a bit and sounded good. But I will admit that it freed up our day.

We skipped the breakfast festivities and had dinner plans that night, so I did my best to fit in a little party for lunch. I got to make love-ly sandwiches and tie balloons to chairs. I was happy.

The kids got Valentine's Day books from Grandma Judy and Grandpa Al, which was a real treat! Bryce got Mary a Hannah Montana tin of popcorn.

Tyce, I guess, is a little too old for all of this and preferred playing with friends. But not before I made him give me a hug, which he did willingly. (I think.)

I just L-O-V-E my family.


The Covie said...

What an awesome mom you are to go all out! I remember my parents were really into Valentine's Day and would get us balloons and chocolates and fun stuff. They always made us feel loved and special and that is something I will always remember and your kids will always remember too! Even if you have to beg them for a hug and kiss!

The Hardy's said...

You are a fun mom. It looks like you go all out on V-Day and I'm sure your kids just love it.

d/b/c/m said...

you are a great mom--that's so fun for them! cute cute!