Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Stream of Consciousness--Beware.

We have a new system over here at the Jones house.

(Does it always seem that we're coming up with a new system? I think it does.)

If I had been the one to set it up, I'd have called it something gentle and affirming, like Family Living for a Supernally Joyous Celestial Life in this World and in the World to Come.

But this was Bryce's idea, and he doesn't sugar-coat the truth.

It's Hard Core Boot Camp.

You know . . . jumping jacks. Inspections. Sir sandwiches.

(But it's all in good fun.)

The kids have learned to plan out their days (first things first) and to set their alarm clocks. No more mom or dad shaking tired kids out of bed, which should seem obvious, but was not the reality around here.

The first day was great! Yeah!

The second day was not.

But we will get there.

Why do I mention this? Well, I set my alarm clock and got up yesterday. I'm really doing well with this boot camp thing so far. And I think it's always a good thing to report your successes. New year, positive thinking and all that. Go me! Let's go for two in a row!

Well, I finished a deadline this morning, as in 6:30 a.m. Maybe I'm a little wheeeeee! from that caffeine I swore off a few days ago.

(It's not MY fault my deadline came when I was too busy doing other things! Hello, child's birthday? Extenuating circumstances.)

Oh wait, what's that next life lesson I see? Accepting personal responsibility?

Okay, I really have to move on.

What is the deal with pigeons?


Um. Next.

Pressing Question of the Day: Who has the cutest 9-year-old ever? Me! She had a great birthday. Pictures forthcoming. She is so, so, so easy to please and it makes it a pleasure to do nice things for her.

But she is not an angel 24/7. I'm pretty sure you knew that. Who is? (Rhetorical.)

Speaking of angels, I would like to start a Christmas angel collection. Just putting it out there in the universe, like Oprah told me to do when she reviewed the book "The Secret."

I *am* supposed to put stuff out there in the universe, right? Oprah?

(Saturn, I have a secret! I need an ANGEL for my collection, okay? Barbie-sized, flowy-robed, wings optional!)

Moving on.

With the day.



d/b/c/m said...

Happy Birthday to Mary! It was nice to hear her cute voice on the the phone last night. Hope it was a fun day for all--can't wait to see pics!

Rachel McEwen said...

i love reading your blogs. you could write a book...you are so funny! happy birthday Mary Rachel!!!

Mer said...

Isn't it funny how the new year makes us change things in our lives. We are finally back to a routine after Trenton being on track break since THANKSGIVING!!