Monday, January 12, 2009

It's for my own good

I got a surprise in the mail.

I ordered this book from an Amazon book seller:

But I received this:

The board book even had a receipt that stated:

This item inspected by gevans
East Wind, West Wind
12/1/08 7:20:18

Thank you "gevans", for ensuring that my contribution to the January book club will be limited to my knowledge of the Hundred Acre Woods. Are you trying to comment on my lack of geographical smarts? Cuz I so totally know where China is.


In other news.

You know how banks have that dye on their money bags that release on a robber's hands during a hold-up? Even if the thief gets away, he's easily spotted by the permanent ink.

I think hair stylists have the same thing going on.

I tried to save time and money by coloring my hair myself. I already mentioned that. I used to do it all the time with great results. Ever since I've been going to see Patti, whom I LOVE by the way, I've let her do the job. But I've been busy, blah blah blah, and I took matters into my own hands.

A box of Clairol was my exploding money bag.

My roots are orange. Overprocessed, carrot-colored, unnatural-on-a-brunette orange.

Put a little blonde in there and I'd be a calico human.

No matter where I go, my hair screams, "GUILTY!!! She was too cheap to pay her hairdresser and look what happened! Orange roots!"

I'm torn between trying again with a darker ash color myself, and confessing to Patti and having her solve all my problems (for a not-so-small fee).

Oh, the weighty decisions of the modern woman.


Rachel McEwen said...

i just love you rebecca. your posts always make me smile and laugh. I have that winnie the pooh book. you should have just borrowed it instead of paying for one:) I didn't even notice your hair color yesterday at that means it isn't as bad as you think or you dyed it after church and i haven't seen it....

Betsy Fowler said...

hahahah! I totally feel your pain. The other day i ordered a Kelly Clarkson CD, and got a Kanye West "explicit lyrics" album instead...

KG said...

STOP!!! Whatever you do...DON'T buy an ash color to cover up what is already happening on your head! I've wondered when my "bad hair dye job" would come in handy. And here is the moment. I was in high school...dyed (sp?) my hair ash turned an ugly shade of, thinking the dye was expired or something, I bought another ash blonde bottle of hair dye...and got an even uglier green hue. So I stayed home from school the next day, begged a hair dresser to get me in to fix my hair, and she had to dye it red to get rid of the green. This was back when BIG hair was in (and mine was bigger than big) and from that day on, I was called "big red".

For the love of your hair lady and tip her extra!

Rebecca and Co. said...

Karen, thank you for your story!!!! Okay, I'm making an appt. with Patti today.

(Karen, you rock.)

Rachel and Betsy, you rock too. :)