Friday, January 23, 2009

Freaky Friday

One more political thought on my non-political blog.

If you don't like Obama for his politics, policies, or pajamas, that doesn't make you a racist.

Believe me, if Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson or O.J. Simpson had been elected I wouldn't be quoting poetry to mark the occasion.

Movin' on.

The kids have a day off.

Tyce is getting ready for a campout. Mary Rachel has an elaborate scheme to sell lemonade and chocolate-dipped pretzel rods with Sara. The twins got up much too early and are like cats in a bag.

I have to get dressed before I lose control of the household.


KG said...

Good luck today!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what cats in a bag look like?

Tracey said...

Your so funny. I love that picture of you, sooooo cool.