Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mutual Night

Note to self: Re-read last post. No more caffeine. Seriously.

We had a scripture scavenger hunt last night for Mutual. You know when you come across a great idea, but when you go to implement're not sure how it's really supposed to go? You get it all set up and then you think, hmmm, is this right?

Like, aren't scavenger hunts usually done in teams, like a race? Aren't they exciting and crazy with lots of running and yelling and laughing?

Well, not last night.

We actually resembled a funeral procession as walked in a group to each "clue site." The first one, to get us started, was a scripture that mentioned the office of the Bishop. So the girls correctly surmised that the next clue was in the Bishop's office. (Well, on his door.) The next clue was a scripture about a fountain of water. So we group-marched off to the water fountain.

Wild times!!!!

Fast forward to the last one, in Malachi 4:1 about (not) being burned in an oven. They opened the oven and what to their wondering eyes should appear . . . a plate of cookies. Hallelujah!

So the moral of the story is, the scriptures contain great treasure, and the rewards of scripture study are "sweet."

I have the best Young Women. Even though the activity lacked the pizzazz I'd envisioned, they were funny and chatty and seemed to derive great pleasure from sticking all of the taped clues onto my hoodie.

I had some very, very good conversations with some of the girls after our short-but-sweet activity.

And the cookies were delish.

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