Thursday, January 1, 2009

Ring in the New Year

Welcome 2009!

Last night we went to Chuck E. Cheese for our New Year's Eve par-TAY. This time out I employed a different strategy to Skee-Ball; instead of just bowling down the middle I aimed to the side for those big-ticket 100,000 point targets. Even though I got a fair amount of misses (and therefore low-level 10,000) I also succeeded enough (one time--three in a row!) to make this is my new M.O.

Does an adult really need an M.O. when it comes to Skee-Ball?

Lest you think I spent all my time perfecting my game, rest assured that my main duty was doling out gold coins to six token-hungry kids. Tyce and Mary were overjoyed when both sets of parents agreed that Spencer and Sara Shapiro could come with us. Sara and Mary palled around together while the twins had fun on the rides. Spencer and Tyce mastered a certain game that yielded a high amount of tickets; Mary also played a roulette-type game with the potential for lots of tickets. With wild eyes and a strained, high pitched voice she cried, "I know this is just like gambling but I don't care! I love it!"


Later that night we played Sorry and Connect Four. Then the kids and Bryce stayed up to watch a movie. I was bah-humbug about staying up till midnight and so I went to bed. Ha! If you've seen one midnight, you've seen 'em all I say.


I'm happy for a fresh start to a new year. Are you?

My friend Karen posted a very clever "Not-To-Do" List for 2009. I like the twist in thinking.

So here are some things I will not be doing in 2009.

1. I will not use caffeine as a crutch to get me through the day.

2. I will not say no to playing with or reading to my children.

3. I will not take on more extra activities than I can handle.

4. I will not finish my children's scraps from breakfast and count it as MY breakfast.

5. I will not neglect my scripture study.

6. I will not rush in to save the day when one of my children or the young women don't follow through with an assignment.

7. I will not go the whole year with a messy, disorganized closet.

8. I will not refer to my corner neighbors as "the hillbillies" anymore.

9. I will not wake up before 5:30 a.m.

10. I will not become a dancer at the Folies Bergere.


That's a good start, eh?

What is on YOUR "not-to-do" list this year?


Justin said...

WHat??? you won't become a dancer at the Follies?? I think that you need to seriously rethink that one:)

Justin said...

oh, it is me...rachel. i am signed in as justin ( i always do that)

Betsy Fowler said...

I will not read my co-worker's cute and witty wife's blog during work hours :) maybe i will