Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Break in Utah

We went to Utah from Saturday till Wednesday. It was a blast!

1. General Conference with Lauren
Tyce met Lauren at his first EFY two years ago and they've been good friends ever since. She lives in Colorado but spent her spring break with friends and relatives in Utah. Since our vacations overlapped they were able to spend a little time together.

It rained/snowed on Sunday afternoon!

Tyce and I before it started.

It was a great session.

There they go after Conference!

Even on a very gray day the Angel Moroni shines through the branches.

I'm glad I got to meet Lauren--she is a very sweet girl.

2.The Aquarium, City Creek Mall, and ice skating
Lauren was able to spend the next day with us as well. She got quite the introduction to our family--Harrison and Mary were particularly focused on impressing her.

Petting the manta ray.

Hey hey! Cam's taller than an emperor penguin!

Tyce and Mary liked the tree frogs.

The otter habitat.

Super cute kids.
We went to the new City Creek mall downtown when it was just a week old. That place was packed!

Harrison is so cute--I said I wanted a picture together and Harrison reached up to smooch me!

As we left Lauren was escorted by two of the finest young gentlemen around.

None of our kids had ever ice skated (except Tyce when he was a toddler) and I was super impressed by how well they did.

There go Lauren and Tyce!

When they got tired Mary and Cam just plopped down on the ice to rest.

It was a pleasure to spend time with Lauren and she's welcome to hang out with our family any time!

3. Easter Egg Hunt
Grandma Judy always does a great job in preparing this fun activity for her grandkids.

Kira, age 5.

Kess, age 9.

Natasha, age 1 1/2.

They got lots of goodies.

Cameron and Harrison.

Betsie had to be fast to catch a good shot of her speedy toddler!

Bryce and Katie--she loved running after the kids. We even found her sitting with a blue egg between her paws!

Kids in the garden.

Katie "helped" Mary find stuff.

We sure do love Grandma.

The Jones grandkids....Holla! All we were missing was Ben.

4. Quality time with Grandpa Al
Mary and the twins planted seeds for the garden with Grandpa, and also hunted for shark's teeth.

It was so nice to spend part of spring break in Utah. Other activities included Tyce seeing Wrath of the Titans with Uncle Andy; Grandpa, Bryce, and the big kids eating at the Bombay House; and going to the BYU Bookstore, where Mary declared that this is where she wants to go to college(!).

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