Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Sometimes I just want to shake things up, make a change, see/do/make/be something different. Do you ever feel that way?

Had a great visit with my brother from California yesterday. I think talking to him made me kind of see things in a different light and from another perspective. He got me thinking about myself and life and how I want to live it, who I am and who I want to become. Just normal conversations but he's got a way of making me think. He's a pretty wise guy for a little brother.

Also, he took me to lunch at Fausto's. Word.

David came to Tyce's volleyball game. He's an awesome uncle.


Silver Strands said...

Want to go skydiving with Sierra? It's her big present for her birthday and I know she'd love to have you join her!

I'll be interested to hear how you change things up - and I do know what you're talking about. I love one of Sister Kapp's quotes - it goes something like, "When our priorities are in place we begin to set goals that cause us to live in anticipation." Whenever I start to recognize that I'm not feeling that anticipation I know I need to change things up a bit. Anyway, best part of this post: Mexican food :)

Rebecca and Co. said...

Denalee....that is so cool that Sierra is going skydiving for her birthday. That is still a little (or lot) out of my league when it comes to adventure. It'll take a whole lot of baby steps to reach that point. But I very much appreciate the offer. :)

I am glad you quoted Sister Kapp because that's how I've been feeling. Positive things are in store!