Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Boys' Locker Room

Conversation with Mary.

Mary: Girls rule!

Me: Girls are awesome. But boys are pretty good too.

Mary: But girls are superior when it comes to personal hygiene. You should smell the boys' locker room at school!

Me: You've been in there?

Mary: Of course not. Every time they open the door I can smell it . . . blech.

Me: Is it worse that Tyce's room?

Mary: Oh Mom. It is 100 times worse. You know how some boys emit that corn chip smell? Apparently some boys also emit a rotten egg smell. Or rotten milk. Whatever it is, it's horrible. I feel bad for Ms. Jennings because she stands at the doorway between classes and when she sees us coming back from P.E. she pretends to have something important to do in the room so she doesn't have to smell the boys go by.

Me: Well I will agree that 6th grade girls are more evolved than most middle school boys in that area.

Mary: Yeah, I know the girls smell fine because my friends spray so much perfume, deodorant, and body spray I can't even see how to get out of our locker room sometimes.

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