Sunday, April 8, 2012


Christ the Lord is ris'n today! Allelujah! I love the hymns we sing of the Resurrection. I am so grateful for the hope we have in Easter--that promise that we will live again after we leave this earth.

We had a lovely day at church and at home.

Easter baskets at the breakfast table.

Egg casseroles, blueberry muffins, and grapes.

The table set for dinner after church. Too bad we had to eat and mess up this arrangement.

The kids after church--Cameron, Mary, Tyce, and Harrison.

Watch out, girls.

Cameron has the power.

Gorgeous Mary and our beloved Katie. I love this picture.

Salads on the table.

Our Easter feast.

Cupcakes for dessert.

We dyed Easter eggs on Saturday. Tyce doesn't like hard-boiled eggs (and let me finish coloring his allotted dozen) but the other kids acted as if they had been deprived of the delicacies all year. They each tried to eat three on Saturday--I stopped them at two.

We got 12 dye tabs in our PAAS box!

Taking a blue bath.

Cam counting his finished product. Yep, there are still 12.

Harrison loved making 2-toned eggs.

Mary named each of hers, of course.

Tyce thinks he's a little old for this but I say you're NEVER too old!


C.A.L.L.L.L. said...

You've got some mad photography skills! And that tablescape. . I see a future for you as a party planner!

The Hardy's said...

Oh my goodness! That Easter table is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the colors and the plate chargers. Can I hire you next year for our Easter dinner?

Rebecca and Co. said...

I must admit to being impressed with myself on that! I looked up ideas for Easter tables but was pleasantly surprised I was able to pull it off. You never know when your vision and your reality will actually occupy the same sphere.