Monday, April 23, 2012

Do Blondes Have More Fun?

Ask Tyce.

He bleached his hair just to do something different. Every time I look at him I do a double take even though I'm the one who lightened it. That's quite a change, right? He couldn't stand to keep the bleach on any longer so a more accurate color description may be "yellow." I think he would do well to shave his head and then try the blonde again. But he likes it, and as Bryce and I keep saying, "It's just hair." Besides, what can Bryce really say about self-expression since he's still sporting his ginormous beard?


Anonymous said...

It should be fun to see when it starts to grow out! Maybe you could do another color on the tips and have stripes. Anyone for purple?
Tyce, you're handsome no matter what you do.
Love, Mopsie

Rebecca and Co. said...

Oh my gosh, Mom, don't encourage him! jk