Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Peter! Peter!

On Saturday we got a most pleasant surprise. Our friends Dan and Toni called to say their family was staying the night at the Hard Rock and invited us to swim at the hotel pool. Since they live in California we don't often see them but when we's our own version of a family reunion.

Peter was among our very first foster kids when we moved to Casa. He was the 2-year-old cutie who was Tyce's buddy. We were so happy when Peter found a forever family in Dan and Toni, who are wonderful parents and just awesome people. Amazingly, a few years ago the boys met up at Scout camp which reignited their brotherly bond.

It is such a joy to see Peter doing so well. He's the same little guy in so many ways, just grown up.

Peter's in 9th grade and Tyce is in 10th.

Dan and Toni also have a really cool foreign exchange student from Rome. I didn't get a picture of him but he was really nice. So the three boys swam for a while (until Tyce couldn't stand the cold) and then they played pool, as in billiards. Our other three kids braved the chilly water and then buried themselves on the sandy "beach."

Handsome boys.

It was so nice to catch up with fellow adoptive parents about the unique challenges we face. There's no judgement, just validation and understanding. As much as I value and appreciate my friends, there's nothing like being able to open up to people who really know where you're coming from.

Afterwards we all went out to eat at Sweet Tomatoes. Tyce had planned to do parkour at the gym with some buddies and he invited Peter and Jacob (the exchange student) to go with him. Jacob was sore from hiking but Peter was game to go.

Tyce introduced him to his friends as his brother--"because it just seemed easier that way." I think that's really how he feels about Peter, that he's his family, his brother.

The boys loved parkour! Tyce even took a video of Peter doing a backflip into the foam pit (which Tyce posted to facebook). What a great evening it was all around. I'm so glad we got to spend time with this fine young man and his dear parents. We love you, Peter!

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