Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Visit from the Tooth Fairy

Earlier this month Cameron lost his first tooth! He'd complained that it hurt, and since he'd just been to the dentist I wasn't worried about anything sinister. But I sure was surprised to discover for myself that he had two wiggly bottom teeth!

He wiggled and pulled until it came out at church. The next week the second tooth came out, also at church. Their poor Primary teacher! I'm sure it was hard to keep the kids focused, what with body parts falling out in the classroom and all.

The Tooth Fairy was tardy in her tooth-collecting / money-depositing duties. The first tooth got lost before it could even make it under the pillow! Cameron shrugged and went on with the week, which made the Tooth Fairy feel even sorrier for the lad.

You know how long it took the TF to get to the second tooth, which was safely tucked under the pillow in a baggie? FIVE DAYS! The weather! The traffic! It's hard for a little sprite to travel in such conditions. I'm sure it had nothing to do with forgetting. But when she finally did arrive she left more money than she--or in this case, HE--should have, much to Cameron's delight.

Sometimes guilt and generosity are two sides of the same coin.

At least, that's what the Tooth Fairy told me.


Rachel McEwen said...

wow! it seems that the TF has been awfully forgetful lately....thank goodness kids buy into our excuses:)

Emmy said...

Wow! Two in a week. We are yet to loose any teeth here yet.

Ashley said...


The Hardy's said...

Now if he can just keep his hands out of his mouth - maybe it'll be a few months until the top ones make their way out :)

I love having them in Primary!

Adam and Kilee said...

your blog is so fun to read & you have the cutest family ! =0)