Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Brown Bears!

One afternoon Tyce stayed after school for a band practice and had some time to kill before the late bus came. So he decided to watch the basketball team practice in the gym. While he was there, Coach Washington said he needed someone responsible and reliable to be the team's manager, and asked Tyce if he would do it.

He jumped at the chance!

It doesn't hurt that Tyce is a sports fan and relishes practicing with the team, even though his duties are to film the games and make sure the guys are watered up.

This weekend there was a pre-season tournament, and the Brown Bears swept it all. I was seriously impressed with the talent. Here's Tyce in action!

In the championship game, Brown won 51 to 29.

Tyce with his entourage of girls

 The team with their well-deserved 1st place trophy!

I am really proud of Tyce for all of his hard work and dedication to the team!

And on a related note, I think the secret of making it through life is to keep yourself too busy to get into trouble.


Emmy said...

Good for him! Good for him for being the type of kid that the coach knew he could count on.

Dad77345 said...

When I was in Jr High, our mascot was the Bears too! I fogot all about that until I read about Brown Bears. Bears rule.

Mopsie said...

Okay, that's disturbing. Spam right on your blog? Is nothing safe?
Well, Mr T, I'm very proud of you, too. What a great experience, filming and being responsible while actually watching sports - cool! You look very handsome, too. (I've changed that from "cute", although I will always think you're cute!)

Ashley said...

Woo hoo! Go Brown Bears!!!