Thursday, January 21, 2010

10 Things on my Mind

1. I started a private blog, a regular "cry-my-eyes-out, muse-on-deep-thoughts, dish-on-people-who-bug-me" journal. But I'm too emotionally tired to write anything. Besides, whenever I read my hand-written journals from years-past I cringe, so I'm actually doing my future self a favor.

So in case you were wondering, I didn't say anything bad about you. (Not that I would. For real!)

2. The piano tuner is coming in 30 minutes. He confessed to me that he does this job, and not music teaching, for the money. Don't you love when people tell you things like that? I feel like the chump who's paying his gasoline bill for the month.

And his name is Lenny. Can I really trust someone named Lenny? Is his piano bag named Squiggy?


3. It's raining, it's pouring, cleaning the house is boring . . . but I do it. Heck yes, I do, and it sparkles. Come over quick before entropy takes over.

4. I went to the public library to leisure read. Let me say, that is NOT the same environment as hanging out with a book at Barnes and Noble. You know who spends all day at the library? People who don't smell great, that's who. That was an uncomfortable experience, reading 1984 with Big Brother (literally, the old man sitting across from me) watching.

5. I played with homemade play dough for over an hour today with the twins. I tried to sculpt roses, like they do for cakes, and I do not have the hang of it yet. So I reverted to my usual tacos, lollipops, and pizza creations, which were a hit with C & H.

If I can't be the Ace of Cakes, maybe I'll at least bond with my oldest child by becoming the Bass of Cakes. You want one? No treble.


6. Speaking of food, I made some oatmeal-raisin cookies entirely from my food storage. Holy deliciousness. The only modification I made was to use half raisins and half broken Cadbury chocolate bar. (So of course they were awesome--hello, candy.) But it did come out of my food storage, just so you know. I highly recommend this recipe.

7. Speaking of food again, I am thinking of becoming a bread baker, especially if I can convince myself to get a stand mixer. I totally think I could do it and even LIKE it. And like every other stay-at-home mom, what else do I have to do all day but eat oatmeal cookies, watch Wife Swap, and compulsively update my facebook status? I'm ready for more.

8. I can't wait for LOST to start. But I don't want it to start because then it will be over. And then life just won't ever be the same.

9. I love my family like Scott Brown loves the state of Massachussetts.

10. That's all for now. I have to put the twins to sleep. I mean, to bed. I have lost my momentum, but not my mind.



Denalee said...

Rebecca, you are HILARIOUS.

Denalee said...

PS: Love the new, non-Christmas look.

Emmy said...

LOVE LOVE this post.

And I completely agree about Lost! I always try and make amazing things with playdough.. but yeah it just doesn't work :)

Ashley said...

Hahaha! I feel the same way about the library!!!! hahaha! i would so love to relax in barnes and noble then the library! : )

Rachel McEwen said...

you make me laugh....out loud when i read your post! So, so funny:)

Rebecca and Co. said...

I aim to please. ;)