Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Double Decker Bus and the Bellagio

Have I mentioned that we give the children three gifts for Christmas? One is "gold", something they really want; one is "frankincense", something that is practical; and one is "myrrh", something that is enriching or educational.

For the last year Cameron has been fascinated with the double decker buses he sees going down Boulder Highway. He mistakenly called them "don daked" buses and I miss that! For their "myrrh" gift, we thought it would be fun to actually ride on a bus. So Bryce ordered a Hot Wheels double decker bus for each of them to open, and the promise that the next day we'd ride downtown.

So we did. 

This was our very bus! We started at Fremont Street and went down to the Bellagio.

We were very lucky to get seats on the top level on our first try.

There's Bryce's building!

And after a few stops, we got to sit in the FRONT ROW on the very top.

Mary was my seatmate and we a great time.

I'll bet you had no idea Mary had a flair for the dramatic, did you?

We made it to the Bellagio!

The conservatory was decorated for Christmas. Can you believe this is made entirely of flora and fauna?

By the end of the day, Mary couldn't handle Cameron's constant hugging and posing!

Man, was it crowded. Good thing Heather kept Cameron from being lost in the sea of legs, or whapped by his annoyed sister.

Mary and Harrison squeezed through the columns in the lobby.

And we ended the day with dinner at the Cheesecake Factory (Caesar's Palace) and a bus ride back to the car.

And now the boys have been on a real double decker bus, and as an added treat, got to stroll around the Bellagio. I think they had fun--I know I did!


Emmy said...

That does sound like fun! We saw the Beliago Christmas decorations when we were there for the Las Vegas bowl, they really are awesome.

And I love your three gifts idea.

Denalee said...

Loved the pics. Great idea: the 3 gifts.

C.A.L.L.L. said...

This reminds me of the dorms and you singing, "and if a double decker bus crashes into us, to die by your side. . . " Just wondering if those words came into your head during that ride.

Rebecca and Co. said...

Carmen, yes they did. That was followed by, "Why did I listen to such depressing music? What was wrong with me? Who would consider death by double decker bus to be a pleasure and a privilege????"

Oh Morrisey.

The Hardy's said...

Now THAT is a gift to remember. I love the idea of giving them 'gold' 'frankinsense' and 'myrrh'. We're going to have to adopt that idea in coming years.

What a fun 'day-after-Christmas' gift! Something that all the kids, I'm sure, would really enjoy. It looks like you all had such fun.

How fun to have Bryce's sister here to enjoy with you on Christmas.

Ashley said...

That sounds like SOOO much fun! Ive always wanted to ride on a double decker bus too!

Mopsie said...

As always, you have wonderful ideas. The children are so fortunate to have you and Bryce for parents! (Just keep telling them that . . .)