Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Day

I'm the blogging equivalent of your neighbor with the Christmas lights still lit every night at 6:00. You're pretty sick of anything twinkling red-and-green, but what are you going to do, knock on the door and hand them the memo that January is here?

Are you wondering why I still have a Christmas background? You are? I knew it. The site I like to get templates from is down. I want to move on, believe me. I may be stuck with this cute little owl until Easter, but dang it, I am not budging.

So this is also my admission that I'm still posting Christmas pictures. And the fact that I'm going back later and re-dating these posts for December either makes me a cheater or a genius.

For your viewing pleasure (or ennui):


We had a family prayer, then the kids were ready to bound downstairs!

Santa brought a dirt bike, an art box, a Playmobile pirate ship, and a Lego space police ship. And the stocking gifts were particularly fun and practical this year! What a smart guy. Very, very smart.

"You want me off your bike? Bring it, tough guy!"


After enjoying Santa's gifts, we ate breakfast and then moved to the front rooms.

The kids were semi-confined to their blankets so that they didn't intrude on each others' space. (Marginally successful.)

Tyce was the gift passer-outer.

Tyce read Mary's card to him. As we were out shopping she said, "I don't really know what to give to a 13-year-old boy. I know he likes this AXE body wash, but who am I to care what he smells like?"

Mary got many gifts to put her creativity to good use.

 Cameron liked getting things that go!

Harrison liked getting to cheer with the best of them.

Heather dreamed of  a Jacob Black of her own. But even hotter, and less affected by the moon.

Bryce can't get enough of BYU.

 One cool gift was the personalized rock hammer for Al from the Ottosens.

I got some knives. Sharp, pointy knives.

Tyce read his new Monty Python and the rules for the holy hand grenade shirt.

Mary showed off her art supplies.

Ninja Cam. How can he grow up to be a ninja is he doesn't practice now?

Harrison loved his Leap Frog read-and-write from the Cooks.

The aftermath. This is only one small part. It took days to get things cleaned up and back to normal, but it was worth it!

Thank you so, so much to our family for the wonderful gifts. We loved them all and appreciate your thoughtfulness. We are getting thank-you notes out soon.


Ashley said...

Hahaha! Your hilarious!

Emmy said...

Did you use free-template mama? I did and I so miss her!!

Looks like a great Christmas and GO Cougars!!

C.A.L.L.L. said...

I never have ennui reading your blog!

Denalee said...

You're a GENIUS!

Mopsie said...

Thanks for the great pictures. It's almost like being there.
What gorgeous people you all are!