Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Overheard at Our House

On their 5-year-old cousin Kira and her dog:
Cameron: Kira wants to marry Toby [the dog]!
Harrison: It's true. I heard her say it. 
Cameron: Yeah, but she can't because Toby's not . . . A MORMON! Actually, maybe in his world he is.

On the special musical guest at our HCA concert:
Cameron: Now I remember why I hate bagpipes. They are exceptionally loud and extremely annoying.

On outfitting Tyce for the dance team:
Bryce: It says he has to have jazz shoes and jazz pants. I don't even know what those are.
Rebecca: Just do a google search for "jazz pants men" and you'll figure it out.
Bryce: But I'm afraid I will see images that can never be unseen. 

Mary's #10 on her To-Do List:
"If Mommy sees it is fit I will jump off the bridge of fate into my destiny."

On the color of the cashier's hair at Michael's:
Mary: I don't know if it was natural or not but I loved that lady's hair.
Rebecca: Really? I didn't notice.
Mary: It was a really pretty brown, like a bay.
Rebecca: Girl, you keep using colors of horses to describe people and I'm just not following you.
Mary: Okay, what you need to know is that my favorite colors are bay, chestnut, blood bay, and dapple grey.
Rebecca: For people or horses?
Mary: Both.

Harrison's Mother's Day fill-in-the-blank:
"My Mom looks best when: she takes a shower and puts on church clothes."

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Rachel McEwen said...

Oh man your family is hilarious. I love your blog. Seriously, one of my favorites:)