Friday, May 18, 2012

A Letter from my Teenager

Dear Mom!

You wonderful mother you
every time you sing I will not smother you.
I love the jokes that you make
And sometimes I don't laugh and that's a mistake.
The love I feel in your hugs is much
better than a bug's.
You're the greatest mom I ever met
and all these things you have done for me I can
never forget.

I love you.

Tyce Jones.


He wrote this for my birthday. Really, how amazing is that? Our relationship isn't always rainbows and roses but I really appreciate the good times. I give him huge credit for our relationship being as good as it is because he frequently comes to me to make amends, smooth things over, and tell me he loves me. We have some good pictures to post of our Mother's Day outing too--we had a great time. He is so sweet and has a very kind heart. I'm a pretty lucky mom to have that kind of 15-year-old, wouldn't you say?


Silver Strands said...

It's things like Tyce's birthday letter to you that keep me going sometimes ... I recently found an old note from Bryan - realized he wrote it to me when he was 14. 2 sentences long, but those words meant everything to me then and when I read it now it still makes my heart melt :)

Aranne and Dan said...

I LOVE that Rebecca. Love to see that even at 15 Tyce can show you and tell you that he loves you. He is a sweet boy...even if it keeps it hidden WAY deep down inside sometimes. We both have some really great kids. Lucky to be moms, aren't we!?!