Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Katie's Birthday Party

Yes, we had a party for our dog. Do you think that's weird? It's okay if you do because we have officially become "those people." At least we draw the line at dressing her up in clothes (except for Mary--she and Katie share a wardrobe). I can't imagine not having our little miss--to say she is a blessing in our lives doesn't begin to cover it. She is sunshine, acceptance, joy, comfort, companionship, hilarity, and sweetness to our family when we need it the most. She's 2 years old and the best pet our family could ever ask for!

Mary and Katie.


Katie had a hamburger patty for a birthday cake!

She got a toy duck for a present.

Ready? Come on!

Her favorite thing is to play tug of war.

We love our Katie girl!

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