Wednesday, May 23, 2012

More Overheard at Our House

Last week both boys stayed home from school
Harrison: Cam, why did you get dressed in new pajamas?
Cameron: Cuz I want to daydream.
Harrison: You can do that in any kind of clothes!
Cameron: Yeah, but doesn't it make more sense to wear pajamas while you're doing it?

On getting ready in the mornings
Harrison: I'm tired of doing my hair. I just want you to shave it off today.
Cameron: Me too! Wait, no. Not while my hair's still so plush.

The TV was turned to TLC this morning while I laid on the bed and Bryce got ready for work
Rebecca: Wow, those Duggars are pretty awesome.
Bryce: I agree. You know how they probably get so much work done?
Rebecca: They're really organized and their kids are obedient?
Bryce: No, they're busy making a TV show while we're sitting here watching it.

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