Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Just a little of This and That

It took me forever to get the Christmas and New Years part of my life put away. That's purely metaphorically speaking though since my tree and decorations are still up and I just can't seem to find the motivation to change that. Quick, we need to have visitors so that I'm shamed into action. I don't know why I'm not more bothered by this.

This week we had some bad news/good news events. The bad news is that on Saturday our hot water heater broke and leaked all over the garage. The good news is that nothing was damaged and that our very nice neighbor Dave helped Bryce install a new heater in record time. Then on Sunday morning when Bryce had left with the kids for church and I went to go to the Fairview ward, I discovered that the garage door springs had broken in half and my minivan was trapped inside. But the good news was that when Bryce came home after sacrament meeting we were able to deadlift the door, getting some exercise AND freeing me for church service. And how great was it that that the garage broke AFTER the water heater . . . see, good news.

Also, our brand new cable box freaked out, fizzled, and died. I can't find the silver lining in that since now we can't watch the Olympics. The Roku is surprisingly unhelpful on that front.

I have enjoyed going to the different wards New Beginnings programs for Young Women. We have such wonderful leaders and girls. I love my presidency, even though Michele shocked us by suddenly moving to Utah to run a restaurant. So now I'm in need of someone to replace her, though no one can ever do that--I can only add a new flavor to our group and see how that goes. I really miss Michele. She was exactly what we needed and I'm sad to see her go.

Bryce and I are also busy with the youth committee (and our presidencies) planning Youth Conference for next month. I can't say it enough, we have great young people to work with. I am truly in awe of their ideas, leadership, and spirituality.

Something else. Tyce competed at Solo and Ensemble and got a I (Superior) on his duet with Rachael O. He got a II (Excellent) on his duet with Cara H. The next day he sang in a four-man barbershop quartet and also made a I. In fact the critique said that the rest of the group needed to match the skill of the bass. I said, "Wow, you can literally tell people to 'get on your level' now." He was very pleased with his performances and the results.

I feel like I had more to say but apparently I do not. Mary's Nova: Hunting the Elements is over (it was fascinating) and now I have to get her Latin lesson ready. She agreed to help Cam decorate his Valentine's Day box for school tomorrow which is a load off my mind. This is one of the many reasons I am glad to have her home.

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