Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mary's 14th Birthday

Her birthday was on a Sunday this year and her celebration was a quiet one. I told her Sunday School class it was her special day and she wanted to kill me. But hey, getting another year older is big news, you know?

Her giant red-velvet cupcake.

Mary and Cam the photo bomber.

Pretty Birthday Girl.

We sang to her, of course.

She devoured this book from Heather.

This Yoshi wallet was an awesome surprise from the Prices!

Yoshi is her very favorite Mario character.

I got her a garnet ring, a pretty piece of costume jewelry.

She could tell this present was something she'd been wanting!

Her own pair of boots!

She got a card and money from Grandpa Jim and Mopsie--always a great gift!

The Joneses gave her this nice art set. You can see Harrison is interested in what's in there!

The boys eating their pizza and cake.

After dinner she challenged her dad to a Mario Kart battle royale. They are pretty evenly matched but Mary always stays enough ahead to win.

I am so grateful for Mary. She is her own person, confident in who she is and not easily swayed by anyone (both good and bad). I admire so much about her and I feel blessed to be her mom.

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SweetmamaK said...

I have a friend who has a very strong willed three year old girl. I always remind her how Alice is/was the same way. While it can be infuriating (just do what you are told) I have seen her time and time again do her own thing and it's exactly the right thing. Recently In realized that "rebelious" little girl will not be influenced by anyone's bad behavior, She will not succumb to peer pressure and while I wish I could influence her to my way of thinking, I am forevere grateful to a loving Heavenly Father who gave her such a strong will- It's taken me 11 years to say that lol