Friday, January 24, 2014


Two days after Christmas we did some family stuff with those who were willing. (I will let you guess who didn't come, and tell you to add two more.) We went to a breakfast buffet at Sunset Station and then to stroll through the conservatory at the Bellagio.

One of the features this year was a walk-through snow globe!

Winter all around.

Cam was my sweet little bud.

There was a train that circled a beautiful field of poinsettias.

A stranger offered to take our picture! How nice!

Judy, Heather, Bryce, and Cam.

Pink poinsettia.

A view from the side.

After the walking the gardens we stopped by the chocolate factory. Bryce said he hates that Grinch!

This is the one with the giant chocolate fountain, the one that starts from the ceiling.

How cool is that?

Probably one of my favorite pictures of Bryce and me.

Heather is such a good auntie. She loves her Camster!
They said the fountains were down for maintenance, but they did a test run while we were there so we got to see something neat anyway.

The Eiffel tower--the small one in Las Vegas.

Another cute shot of us.

Heather and Bryce always have fun together!

There they go!

View going home. I love that hot air balloon.

One of the newest additions to the Strip, The Linq. Those pods are giant rooms that hold 30 people, if you can believe it.

We enjoyed gorgeous warm weather and it was a beautiful, fun day.

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