Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Christmas Eve

It was great to have Bryce's parents and his sister Heather over for Christmas. The only way we got our presents wrapped was that Heather took the kids to see a movie (The Hobbit) and we used that kid-free time to our advantage. One of the many reasons it was great to have family in town!

A tradition in our family is to have a special meal by candlelight and then have our Christmas Eve devotional. This year we had pork roast, roasted vegetables, orange Jello-salad (made with raspberry instead of orange and it was great), and green beans. Everything was delicious.

The family at dinner.
We also open Christmas crackers.


Me! I had no idea my hat was blue.

Cameron read us his joke.

Heather did bunny ears to a non-posing Mary.

I should have taken a "before" picture instead of an "after." These veg were amazing.

Tyce wore his paper hat over his ball cap.
After dinner Bryce led us in a devotional. Katie helped.

Bryce read some scriptures. And then we watched a video about the life of Christ.

Mary is so good at answering questions. She is so smart.

And pretty. Katie is mid-yawn (not so pretty).

Harrison and Tyce are buds.
Handstand Cam!
Then we took turns reading verses from Luke 2.

Grandpa Al

And everybody got a candle.

Cam and Grandpa Al.
Each child got a book. Tyce: Elantris by Brian Sanderson; Mary: books 2-4 of the City of Bones series; Cameron: NFL Highlights book; Harrison: boxed set of author Roald Dahl. After hugs and kisses they went upstairs and read. The twins shocked us by not only putting themselves to bed, but actually falling asleep!!!!

Since we had wrapped the gifts earlier, we took them out of hiding and placed them around the tree.

The tree and her packages.

Lots of exciting things!

View looking up.

And then Santa came and stuffed the stockings. He was done by midnight, that efficient guy.

Hung by the chimney with care, literally. One more ounce and they would have tumbled off their hooks.

The big kids read all night and the adults had visions of sugarplums and Santa-shaped Snickers dance in their heads, which is to say, sweet dreams.

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