Friday, February 21, 2014

Swing Dancing for FHE

Tyce's friend Autumn is homeschooled but does choir at the high school. She and her whole family are super talented in all of the arts. One of their passions is swing dancing. We were fortunate to be invited along with others to go to their house for a great night of learning and showing off our mad skillz.

Tyce is by far the best dancer in the family and danced with the best, and helped the struggling. Cam has great rhythm but used a vice grip on me as his dance partner! Harrison danced with Mary until he got bored and climbed a tree. Then Bryce was able to cut in and have some quality time with his lovely daughter.

We had a blast boogying with some super fun people (besides our family, the Rogerses, and our hosts, the Davises, and a few people I didn't know). Later we switched to line dancing and that was a blast too.

It was a perfect night for being outside!

Harrison and Mary, Tyce and Autumn

Bryce's turn with Mary

Cam and I doing "the pretzel"

Cam spinning me

Tyce took a turn with his sis

He was very good with her

I asked Mary who her favorite partner was and she said this girl, Chloe!
Tyce and Hallie, Ryan and Gwen, Chloe and Mary

It was so great to be invited to something we don't normally do. I don't think I will ever be an amazing dancer but man, I sure did have fun! What a great night with our family and some really cool friends.

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