Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Heart Attack and all Valentine'd Up

Valentine's Day was on Friday but the kids didn't have school that day (teacher inservice). So the twins had their parties a day early and for Mutual the girls "heart attacked" some of their class members. Mary was the lucky recipient of the girls' love!

Hearts everywhere . . .

Candy too!

They made messages just for her.

I can't believe they did all of this without her knowing!

She was super excited to come out and read the messages.

A line from one of her  favorite Imagine Dragons song.

A line from the popular One Direction song.

Collecting the love.
The reason she didn't go to Mutual was because she was busy making Cam's Valentine's card box. I'd asked her to do that for me because she's so much better at that than I, and I was stressed about having a lot to do that night. She took on the task with gusto. Mary was frustrated that we didn't have the craft supplies she wanted (but there's no way I can keep up with her consumption--believe me, we've had it all, not long ago) so without the sculpting clay, she made her own play dough.

We didn't have any black construction paper so she cut up Cameron's Dracula cape from two Halloweens ago and stapled it to a sturdy box. Cam went to bed and Mary stayed up all night. Apparently she started to bob and weave from exhaustion around 3:00 a.m. and fell over onto the box she was working on and smashed her little figures. So she put on some Jim Gaffigan comedy sketches and said she was surprised I didn't come in and tell her to stop laughing. But anyway, when Cam got up she had a finished box ready for him. He loved it!

How cute is this little guy?

Close up of the box. There's a dragon, a devil cupid, a bleeding heart, and lava.


Pile of hot tamales.

She even fashioned the fence from splitting Popsicle sticks in half with a knife.

The artist and her little valentine.
Cameron said that people loved his box and that he "gave Mary half the credit." Half!!! Ha!

Harrison's class had a simple arrangement for their card distribution. I don't know what it was but he didn't have to make anything at home. He chose to just use the box his Fun Dip cards came in. Crazy!

After the kids went to school Mary set out to make presents for her friends Nikki, Bella, Sara, Madi, Taya, and Emily.

She drew cute pictures on hearts for each girl. This is the one for her cat-loving pal Nikki.

She made rice crispy treats in waffle cone bowls, drizzled with white chocolate.
Nikki came over on Thursday night to hang out. That was a good present for Mare!

On the 14th since the kids didn't have school I got to make a nice breakfast.

Breakfast sandwiches and hot chocolate.


You know I like to decorate the table.

Sara, Madi, and Taya sold these little cakes to raise money for a church history trip.
What did we have for dinner--LUV-sagna, of course!

Tyce asked a sweet girl named Autumn to be his Valentine. He made her some paper roses. He spent the morning at Cafe Rio with his friends Josh, Joaquin, and Keara. Bryce had to work all day and then leave for his second job at 7:00 pm so he and I didn't do anything at all. I have no need to do anything romantic on Valentine's Day and I texted Bryce to remind him to please NOT buy me anything, for real. He responded: "Successfully avoided any feeling of responsibility toward you on this most holy of days. You will be pleased." That's just how we roll.

I love him and he loves me all the other days of the year, so for that, I am lucky to have a year-round Valentine. And I have the best kids in the world so what more could a girl ask for?

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SweetmamaK said...

again, I love you! I love love love your table. I want you to know that it never makes me feel less of a mom that your house (well at least the table) is spot on for the holidays. I cherish your strength and understand it doesn't make me happy to do that- LOL- but it does make me happy to see what you do and the joy it brings you. Except for the magival Valentines when we were dating, it's always been a much smaller scale and we love it. I really really wish you lived here! That's the only thing that makes me sad, you so very far far far away