Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tyce is 16

Check out this adorable picture from when Tyce was only 2! I remember this like it was yesterday and yet 14 years have passed.

Birthday party at Mopsie and Grandpa's house in Kingwood, Texas.

He turned 16 on July 3rd. We just had a family party on the actual day because most of his friends are out of town. Everybody abandons him on Independence Day Eve, poor guy.

Birthday party at our house in Henderson, Nevada.

I set out to make a chocolate cake but halfway in I discovered my cocoa tin was nearly empty. Hm, a chocolate cake without chocolate would have been quite the disappointment. So I melted some semi-sweet chips to pour in to the batter and HO-LEEEE COW! was it delish. Yes, yes it was. I made Oreo buttercream frosting and it was pretty good (but not as good as the cake).

Don't drool on your keyboard.
He got money to buy the thing he really wanted--a new guitar. He went out that very night and got a great one, really pretty with a great sound. He hasn't had lessons but he has a good ear. He's figuring it out and I have to say that whatever he plays sounds good to me!

He still has several parental hoops to jump through before he can get his license (including getting his Eagle) so I don't know when he'll be driving . . . but I kind of like being his chauffeur. I get to hang out with his friends and we actually talk; I remember loving my independence as a teen driver but missing all of that quality time I used to have with my mom. I don't know if he'd feel the same way but I guess it's up to him as to when he'll be finding that out. He's in the driver's seat. Or at least he wishes he was.


So what do we love about Tyce: he's kind-hearted, loyal, talented, helpful, and independent. He loves music, animals, people, cookies 'n cream, Nacho Libre, video games, reading, studying the Book of Mormon in Swahili, and the gospel. He loves his family and friends. He's not perfect but I know without a shadow of a doubt that he has a good heart and that we are blessed to have him in our family. We love you, Tyce!

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