Monday, July 2, 2012

Girls Camp Redux--The End

This is my last post about camp!

After breakfast the YCLs presented the girls with awards. I love that the older girls came up with them on their own. Mary's award was called "Mile a Minute". Raven approached me and said, "Mary said that if there was one award YOU could have given her, she knows exactly what it would be." I feigned confusion but I knew that MARY knew . . . and I was right: Most Obnoxious! Glad the older girls had discretion and gave her something nice (which she did deserve, by the way).

My award was for "Cracking the best Jokes" and I couldn't be more pleased. When I came home Bryce said, "Hmmm. I'm noticing a pattern here. Our kids get in trouble at school for being class clowns and then you get awarded for being funny?"

"But I don't dance around with a lampshade on my head," I explained. "I occasionally play with words."

I am a boutique entertainer.
But fresh on the heels of my award I decided to play a little prank on the older girls, the YCLs.

YCL van.

On a side window they'd written one of their phone numbers. Earlier that week on our hike at Zion someone had written in the car dust "We love Mormon girls!" and finger-scrawled a phone number under it. This pleased the Beehives very much because presumably this was from a "cute guy" (or at least that was their hope!). So I decided to play along with the YCLs on the way home, and text the number on their van. This was our conversation:

Me: I noticed that your van has a lot of cute girls!

Them: Haha....who is this?

Me: A cute guy.

Them: .....

Me: jk It's Sis. Jones ;)

Them: Sis. Jones?

Me: Right behind you!

Them: Oh really?

And then the light turned green and I couldn't text anymore.

When we got to In 'n Out in St. George I said to Skye, "So did you like my texts?" She looked at me blankly and asked, "What texts?" I said, "I texted the number on your van  . . ."

The YCLs gathered around and that's when I discovered that the number actually belonged to one of the girls' EX BOYFRIENDS. The girls roared with laughter that I'd "winky-faced" him! Looks like the pranker got pranked, right? Aha, I'm glad I didn't keep that conversation going.

We eventually made it back to Henderson and everyone went home, Mary and I to an empty house. Bryce and the boys were in Utah (Tyce had gone to EFY, the twins and Bryce went camping with Grandpa Al). I had grand plans to clean the house before they came back . . . but I was falling asleep at 7:00. I guess living it up for a week takes it out of you (or me).

It was a great week and I'm glad I got to go to girls camp with some of my favorite ladies; really awesome and supportive men; amazing young women; and my favorite 12-year-old in the world, Miss Mary.


Silver Strands said...

Loved all your posts about camp - the pictures are great. Palo Verde girls have some pretty great leaders :)

Rebecca and Co. said...

And so does the Newport ward!