Monday, July 30, 2012

Diving Class

Cameron and Harrison are doing great in their beginning class.

Practicing their hurdle/arm circle combinations.

The moves they're working on are tuck jump, pike jump, straight jump, and target dive (and the cousin of that, the rainbow dive). At first neither boy was comfortable going head-first but after one class they were confident and Harrison was even brave enough to do it off the high dive!

Harrison off the high dive!

Cam's entry off the low dive.

They both like to do jumps off the high board--this is Harrison's tuck jump.

During free time Harrison actually likes to practice this--a superior belly flop. He has it perfected for maximum crowd-groaning "OHHH!"

We watched Olympic synchronized diving last night--talk about impressive! Our kids loved it. I think every parent has that moment when they think, "Hey, my kid has talent...maybe they'll be the next Greg Louganis." That went through my mind when I considered that my boys aren't only brothers, they're twins...that's got to be a gold medal advantage, eh?

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