Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Be Strong, and of a Good Courage

This is the Mutual theme for the year, Joshua 1:9.

Yesterday all four of our children showed courage.

Cameron and Harrison swam for the first time since the summer. We have a new indoor pool just down the street and they were excited but a little nervous, too. But they trusted me to be there for them, which gave them confidence and courage to try. (And they had a great time.)

I was impressed that Mary took it upon herself to call LaKeisha about her hair. She would have preferred that I call her but was willing to look up her stylist's number on my cell phone herself. She asked LaKeisha how to take care of her hair before and after swimming, and then she did it.

Tyce asked to go to a friend's house to deliver a letter. I was suspicious and asked about it. He showed me the very sweet, very honest letter he'd written to a girl about wanting to serve a mission and honoring his committment to himself and his church, which meant, no girlfriends. (Perhaps you can read between the lines on this.) Talk about courage!

I think it is so hard to stand up for yourself, or to get out of your comfort zone sometimes. But as that scripture says, the Lord is with us wherever we go. We are never alone.

And I am thankful for that.


Aranne and Dan said...

Way to go for all your kiddos...Tyce especially! That must have been a scary thing to do but "Two thumbs up" for him. You must be teaching him something right!

Anonymous said...

I love your beautiful children, both inside and out! I got my BD card and loved all my beautiful pics. Thanks!

Mopsie said...

I am very impressed. You and Bryce are awesome examples and teachers - and your kids are the proof. They're amazing, and I miss them like crazy! High fives to all!
(Tyce, you continually amaze me. You're so awesome.)
Love you all!

Denalee said...

Wow. Your kids inspire me!