Monday, April 5, 2010

Rebecca's Birthday!

Today is Rebecca's birthday!  She is taking the day off to recharge, and boy does the engine that makes our family go need some rest after Spring Break.

She does a great job of making every day special--that's big work when they are home all week and in each other's business.

I asked Cameron what he loved best about his mom:

Cameron:  She has good care!

Me:  Do you mean good hair?

Cam:  No, she takes good care of us, because she has a loving heart.

I had to take a different approach with Harrison to get an answer:

Me: Harrison, when mom isn't home what do you miss the most?

Harrison: Feeling safe...

I don't know what that says about me, but since this is Rebecca's day I won't go there.

Easter must have put Jesus on the boy's minds, because when I told them that we would be getting Rebecca's cake today, Cameron said, "Yeah, a Batman Cake!"  But Harrison corrected him saying, "NO, not for mom, she would probably like a Jesus cake." Then when we talked about gifts, Harrison suggested a Jesus picture.

I think that it's great that they know how important the Savior is to Rebecca.  Leading up to Easter (which was Spring Break for our kids), Rebecca prepared and did a devotional every day for the kids.  I thought that they (particularly the big kids) would be resistant, but each one participated and enjoyed the lesson or activity.

I know that Rebecca is so much more than a mother--she's a humorist, a blogger, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a mad chef, a best friend, a Young Women's President, and so much more--but having children who feel loved, safe and know the value of Jesus Christ says depths about her character.

I love you Rebecca!


Denalee said...

Wow Bryce ... what a wonderful tribute! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Rebecca! You deserve the best!!!!

FoReVeR WeLcH said...

Awwwww SO SWEET!!!!

Happy birthday girl!!!

Rachel McEwen said...

That is so sweet!!! What a great b-day surprise! Happy Birthday Rebecca! i really hope that you enjoy your deserve it:)

Rebecca and Co. said...

Am I a lucky girl or what? Thank you, Bryce, for that very nice post. You know I love it when you write on the blog (which was last done . . . 2 birthdays ago. I guess I need to have more birthdays in a year.) I love you so much!

I had a great day and I'll post again soon.