Friday, April 23, 2010

Super Mommy?

Do you do fun crafts with your kids? Do you make holidays special?

Um. No you don't. You are lame.

That's how you'll feel after reading this blog: Secrets of a Super Mommy.

I have never been so inspired and ashamed at the same time.

If you'll excuse me, I'm off to go recycle my milk cartons into a chandelier. Or put vinyl lettering on my kids' underwear. Something.

Actually, never mind.

(You know I'll be doing good to get myself a shower.)


Betsy Fowler said...

that blog is rediculous!
i can only imagine what her wardrobe looks like.

she makes me feel like i. am. an. utter. failure. as. a human. being.

Emmy said...

Uh oh I don't know if I dare go read it now

Rachel McEwen said...

ha! Ha! I am scared to read it....

The Ottosen Family said...

I'm jumping out the window! Oh, wait, that's like a 12 inch drop.

She is not a real mother - she must have a nanny or a maid, or a personal assistant, because obviously she just plans "perfect" photo ops. I didn't even see a child in those photos.

Or maybe it is SATAN trying to make us discouraged? (because its working!)

Mopsie said...

Staggering. I love the April Fool's dinner, though.

Rebecca and Co. said...

I know! Staggering is the word. I love everything she does and yet I can't imagine that a real person does any of that (let alone ALL of that). Good for her, definitely. We all have things we're good at. If we had a LOST-watching contest I'd probably trump everybody and they'd be wishing they were more like me.