Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Break

You know when you wait a little too long to write, and then when you have to catch up it seems overwhelming? You do? Awesome. We will muddle through our life's chronicles together.

Spring break was the week before Easter and to be honest, I was dreading it. Time off for the kids means big time work for the mom, at least at our house. And when I say work, I mean more emotional than anything else; my roles as police chief, banker, mediator, and psychologist overshadow the "funner" role of cruise director. And I am a fairly good cruise director, if I do say so myself.

But I was oh, so happy to be wrong. I guess the blustery March winds brought good attitudes with them, because this was the best spring break I could have imagined with an 8th grader, a 4th grader, and two preschoolers.

I had two main agendas: to have a one-on-one outing with each child, and to do Easter devotionals and activities every day. Then we'd fill in with friends, swimming, and stuff like that. And for the most part, things worked out. And people were happy! It was an Easter miracle.

1. Outings with Mom

Cameron accompanied me to the car wash and then out for frozen yogurt. He is my little Ninja.

Tyce had breakfast with me at IHOP and then went to the grocery store, where he was most helpful.

Mary chose to go to Subway for lunch. She talked to Bryce on the phone about legal matters and really wished he would sue somebody (anybody).

Harrison got gypped because I wasn't feeling well on our special day, so we had to move it. However, this meant that Cam came along since the older kids were at a movie (Clash of the Titans). Harrison was a good sport and didn't mind sharing--I guess sharing is built in when you're a twin. We went to Whole Foods.

And then rode the carousel!

I really enjoyed my (mostly) one-on-one times with the kids and appreciate that they were all willing to spend time with me.

2. Catapult

Tyce and his friend Gonzalo built a catapult from plans Bryce downloaded from the internet. They worked hard and spent pretty much all day on it. They launched golf balls at the park, because what good is a catapult if you can't launch stuff?

While the boys were perfecting their aim, Mary and the twins hunted ladybugs.

3. Movies

We saw "How to Train Your Dragon" with the Marchant kids. I thought I would just endure the film but I actually loved it! The kids were very well-behaved. It could be because I supplied them with candy. When I took the Marchant boys back home they sing-songed, "Mom, can we have a dragon? Pleeeeeeease!" just like I told them to. And then I quickly ran back to my mini-van.

4. Easter festivities at the park

I like doing Easter baskets on a day other than Easter Sunday. We went to the park and I thought I might be clever and even hide some eggs there. Yes, I know. Not clever. But I promise, when I started hiding them there was no one else around! One little boy became our best friend for the day, as you can imagine.

It was a nice day to hang out, though some of us do not like our pictures to be taken by the parental paparazzi.

5. Jerusalem Dinner

This is something I was really excited about, and it turned out well. On Saturday night (after Conference and before the men left for Priesthood) we had a meal with foods that Jesus might have eaten: fish, olives, grapes, unleavened bread (matzos), goat's milk cheese, and cantaloupe. We sat on the floor and talked about customs of the time, and why some people recognized Jesus as their savior and king, and why some who were looking for an earthly king to free them from bondage, did not.

6. Easter Eggs

While the men were gone on Saturday night, the kids dyed their eggs. (Tyce did his after he returned.)

7. Easter Feast

After General Conference on Sunday we had our special meal: ham, potato/sweet potato bake, green salad, deviled eggs, and fruit pizza. The best thing was the fruit pizza . . . oh my deliciousness.

So that about sums up our spring break. It was a lot of work for me but good attitudes and pleasant people made it all worthwhile! I love you, Tyce, Mare, Cam, and Hare!

And now . . . off to school with you.


Emmy said...

Hey that looks like the exact same catapult we built! :) We found the instructions on line too.

Looks like it was a great spring break. That is so nice you got to have one-on-one time, that is so important.

Cam said...

oooo... how about some recipes from that delicious Easter dinner!! =)

Denalee said...

I'd love the potato/sweet potato bake recipe ... everything else looks great too. I especially loved that you sent the Marchants home begging for dragons :)