Monday, April 26, 2010

Pretty Pretty Princess

Oh Harrison. Why are you Mary's favorite person to dress up?

Besides putting her new Easter dress on him, she also painted his nails and made him a foil necklace, bracelet, crown, and shoes.

Mary also taught him to sing like a princess. It was very . . . uh, nice.

Yeah, if "nice" is code for disturbing. Just kidding. I'm reading Bryce's mind!

This get-up lasted about 2 minutes. Then they were all back outside building mud forts (and they got so dirty you wouldn't even notice those pink-painted nails).

But I like those foil shoes . . . I may have to borrow those.


Emmy said...

Poor poor boy :)

brooklyn said...

Oh my. Cracking up! What a good sport he is! We gotta get our girls out there for Mary to dress up--they'd love it!

Fun catching up on the blog. Your posts are always so fun and you're such a good mom.