Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Alex Boye Concert!

On Monday Tyce and I attended the Alex Boye concert. He's a singer, but more than that he is an ENTERTAINTER! He had us laughing all night. Alex is a member of the Mormon Tabernacle choir, in which he described himself as a piece of black licorice in a sea of marshmallows. This concert included a tribute to Motown (I believe Tyce's favorite song was "Ain't No Mountian High Enough") and many popular songs like "Billy Jean" by Michael Jackson. He also performed several original songs. We were lucky enough to have super-close seats and we could actually feel his energy!

He also told an inspiring story that really touched me, and I think also touched Tyce. When Alex was 18 he had a band. He and two guys played lots of gigs in his native London and Alex used the money to save up for his mission. He idolized MC Hammer and dreamed of one day opening for him. Alex and his band had one last gig before being schedule to report to the Missionary Training Center--and they were on fire that night. After the performance Alex started to pack up when his bandmates their manager started freaking out, jumping up and down with exciting news. MC Hammer's people had seen the group and wanted them to open for MC Hammer, and even manage their group!!! His friends said, "NOW I know you'll give up that silly mission idea!"

Alex couldn't believe his dream was coming true! He screamed and jumped and down with his bandmates, hugging and laughing at their good fortune. But then the words of his mission call came to his mind: You are hereby called to serve and leave all your worldly cares behind.

His jumping slowed. He told the guys he was still serving a mission for the Lord--and he was leaving next week. He wouldn't be doing the show. As you can imagine, his friends were livid. They screamed that he was blowing his chance and that this opportunity would never come around again.

Well, Alex did serve his 2-year-mission. When he returned he had a very successful career with the British band "Awesome." After several years he left that life and changed his focus to gospel music and moved to Utah.

In 2007 Alex got a call from the events coordinator at Utah Valley University. A big-name performer was coming to do a concert and wanted Alex to open for him.

It was MC Hammer.

Almost 20 years later he finally opened for MC Hammer--and had the time of his life.

Sacrifice is giving up something good for something better, Alex said.

Going on his mission was the most important decision he'd ever made. And how much sweeter it was to have his dream come true knowing he'd done what the Lord wanted first.

An MC Hammer-signed concert shirt hangs in his house now so he can tell the story to anyone who asks.

How cool is that?

That is one of many reasons why I love Alex Boye.

A great singer, an awesome performer, and a role model for my children: we love Alex!


Emmy said...

That truly is an amazing story! How many people would be strong enough do that. So glad he was able to open for Hammer eventually :)

Denalee said...


Anonymous said...

Omigosh! I remember going to his
Youth fireside! Hes AMAZING!!! I love Alex Boye! I heard about his concert, i didnt know it was that soon! Oh well! Alex Boye, sure put me in perspective, especielly when it comes to the music i listen to. Me and my dad always look for him on General Conference. I love Alex Boye too!

Cheri said...

I just stumbled onto your blog and love it. I also have a trans-racial family and I need to take time to read your adoption stories..

The Hardy's said...

DITTO!!! We went to the fireside here that he gave for youth conference or something a few years back and, likewise, enjoyed every minute of it. I wish I would have known about this one. He's a cool guy to have for a role model.

Mopsie said...

Wonderful story. I'll have to watch for him, too. Good pictures, Tyce!