Friday, March 26, 2010

Colt of the Month

Yesterday we attended the Colt of the Month awards at the elementary school.

(It's better that I'm telling you this in writing, because when I informed my sister-in-law Kim on the phone, she thought I said *Cult* of the Month.)

This is what the school counselor read to the group, as written by her teacher Mrs. Cropp:

I nominate Mary Rachel Jones for Colt of the Month because she has improved by stepping up her academics in 4th grade. Mary has done a great job teaching strategies to her classmates and being a great role model. We are so proud of you!!

And, of course, we are so proud of our Mary too!


Betsy Fowler said...

I've noticed that Mary seems to be opposed to smiling in photos as of late.... is there some explanation for this? Could it be that there is only one watercolor set left on Jones blvd, that she is now a member of the "cult" of the month club, or is this simply a reflection of her abhorrence of the local paparazzi?

Emmy said...

Awesome!! And yes glad she isn't part of the cult of the month :)

Mopsie said...

Betsy is funny, too! So, which is it?
Congrats, Mary Rachel!
(Teaching strategies for what???)

Rebecca and Co. said...

Betsy, you made me laugh....I have no idea why she can be so stoic. She was very reserved at school. Maybe she didn't want us to, like, totally embarrass her.

Mom, I don't know! We tried to ask her but she was vague. My guess is that at her table group she's been helpful to the other students somehow.